Person Sheet

Name William Thompson, M
Birth Date 1 Jan 1629/1630
Birth Place England
Death Date abt 1700 Age: 70
Death Place Surry, VA
Father Rev William Thompson , M (~1598-1661)
Mother Abigail Collins , F (<1591-1642)
Misc. Notes
William2 Thompson (Rev. William1) was born 01 January 1629/30 in Lancastershire, England, and died Abt. 1700 in Surry Co., VA.  He married Katherine Treat 19 September 1655 in Boston, MA3, daughter of Richard Treat and Alice Gaylord.  She was born before29 June 1637 in Pitminster, Somerset,  England4, and died Aft. 1700 in Surry Co., VA.
 Notes for William Thompson:
 The Rev. William Thompson preached at Southwark and Lawnes Creek Parishes in Surry Co., VA.  In 1679/80 he moved to Westmoreland Co., VA where he was granted 85 acres by Proprietors of North Neck of VA in 1695/6.  Other sources say he moved to Westmoreland County about 1690, but he was certainly there at the death of Lawrence Washington.
 In the will of Lawrence Washington, Westmoreland Co., VA dated 11 March 1697/8, probated 30 March 1698, he leaves a ring (value of 30 shillings each) to friends William Thompson, Clerk and Mr. Samuel Thompson.  Executors were friends Samuel Thompson and cousin Gen. Washington of Stafford Co. "  He probably removed thereafter to New London, where he bought a house. When he left New London  in feeble health in 1663, his house was sold to Oliver Manwaring whose descendant Frances Manwaring Caulkins wrote the HISTORY OF NEW LONDON in 1895.   7 Sept. 1659 he received ten pounds "paid to Mr. William Tompson whoe studdieth the Indian Language that he may Teach and Instruct the Pequotts" 1662 twenty pounds paid for "teaching the Indians about New London" 18 Sept. 1663, Mr. William Thompson made a tender of property to the Court of Magistrates at Hartford:  "Whereas Mr. Wm. Thomson, of New London, is removing himself from thence to Virginia"...This comes from John L. Sibley's Biographical Sketches of Graduates of Harvard College (pp 354-357.]  Savage states "in 1664 he gave his wife all his property by deed," being near death..." On 11 October 1664 he made a tender of property to the Court of Magistrates at Hartford for the liquidation of a debt, and the records of the General Assembly at Hartford, 13 Oct 1664 say:  Whereas, Mr. Wm. Thomson of New London, is remoueing himself from thence to Virginia, and is indebted by Bills the sume of Twenty nine pounds, seven shilling and fower pencee, which Bill is in the hands of John Packer, This Court orders the Constable of New London to secure so much of the estate of Mr. Thomson in his hands, as it shall be apprized by indifferent men and the sayd Constable is to keep it in his hands, till he hath order from this Court or the Court of Magistrates to dispose of it to the right owner which is according to Mr. Thomson's tender to the Court of Magistrats." Sprague presumes his death before 1667 since his name is not mentioned in the administration of the estate of his father, and backs it up quoting a letter from Pixford Bay Virginia, 29 June 1665 authorizing his 'Loving brother, Mr. James Treat of Wethersfield, to make sale of property in New London. However, the Catalogue of Harvard Graduates issued in 1700 has no mention of his death.., Minister of ye Parish and from him purchased by me ye sd Morton, and from me to Wm Thompson.  Wit. Geo. Jordan, John Gittings.
Other deed records include from Surry County Deed Book I, 1652-1672 p. 303 7 July 1668 Wm. Thompson, of Surry County, sells to Daniell Regan for 100 acres adjoining Francis Sorsby.  Wit.: James Watson, John Phillips. Signed Wm. Thompson, Katherine Thompson.
p. 304 6 Nov 1668 Daniel Regan (Regant) and Eliza. Regant assign to Wm. Thompson, Minister, his patent for 900 lbs. of tob.  Thomas Candlis his right to one-half as formerly sold his on 14 Oct 1667. Signed Jas. Watkin, John Phillips. ( From Surry Co., VA, Records 1652-1684 by Eliza Timberlake Davis, Baltimore 1980.)
p 260 10 August 1665.  All these presents shall know that William Thompson purchased of Francis Sowerby of Surry County 105 1/2 acres of land, being a patent to Mr. John Jennings dated April 1649.  Now Wm. Thompson for 300 lbs. tob. sells to Francis Sowerby.  Rec. 5 Sept 1665.  Wit.:  Geo. Jordan, Joshua Adams.
p 241. 1 Aug. 1664. Wm Thompson, of Surry County, Minister of God's Word, orders his loving friend, Geo Jordan, to receive, sue, and execute all business in Court or otherwise.  Wit.:  James Mills, Jane Flood
p. 227. 7 March 1663.  Jas. Sowerby, late of Surry County, planter, possessed that formerly belonged to Mathew Battle and Daniel Massingale, 207 acres, and now Thos. Sowerby, his brother, has power of attorney to sell to whom he ses fit, and sells this land to Wm Thompson, Clarke, 105 acres, with houses, orchards, etc.  Wit.:  Geo. Jordan, Jane Flood.
p. 26.  Samuel Thompson, Wm. Edwards, Thos. Sowerby, admrs. of the estate of Wm Dorch, deceased.  Wit.:  Wm Thompson, Wm. Malden.  Date not given but on page following 25 October 1683 and likely about that time since Samuel would have to be of age to serve.
William is thought to be the grantee in the following patents:
BK.6, p 370, 20 April 1684 Patent to Mr. William Thompson 150 A. in Surry Co. on Gray's Creek. Cavaliers and Pioneers, p 277, says on N. side of the head of Graye's Cr., 140 acres granted Christopher Lawson; 10 acs. being a neck, below the Horse Bridge bet. sd. 140 acs. &  land of Luke Meazell; adj. Mathew Merriott; a sw dividing it from land of John Whittson.  Trans. of 3 pers: Richd. Budnye, Wm. Metcalfe, Joseph Cox.
Bk. 7. P 408, 21 Oct 1684 Patent to Mr. William Thompson 150 A. in Surry Co., near Southwark Church. (Trans of 3 pers.]
Bk. 7, p 544, 30 Oct 1686 Patent to Mr. William Thompson and Mr. Edward Chilton 160 A in Upper Parish of   Surry Co. (24 headrights)
p. 245 Surry Co., VA Deed and Will Book 4, William Thompson appoints son John his attorney 4 Aug 1690 and on 246 Jno acts as attorney in sale for 5000 lbs tobacco to James Boyes.
William is mentioned as a legatee in the Will of Christopher Lewis (Signed 1 Sep 1673, probated 7 April 1674) who gives to the church at Southwarke Parish a silver flagon of two qut. measure.  To William Thompson, minister, 1500 lbs of tobacco to be paid in 1675,...To Wm, Thompson, son of Mr. Wm Thompson, 500 lbs of tobacco, and to sister, Katherine Thompson 500 lb tob...Desires to be buried in ye Chancell & exors to lay a tombstone over me & a funeral sermon, for which exors are to pay.  Makes James Jones exor. Surry Co. Book 2, p 35.
William sold to John Salway 1 Aug 1673 property described as being near "the church at the head of Gray's Creek." Surry Co., Deeds and Wills 1671-684, p 29.
Some people have tried to say that his wife was other than Katherine Treat, based on her father's will in which she is referred to as Katherine Jonson, but I saw the will on microfilm at the NEHGS and it is clearly Tompson.  The initial T is fancy--besides the records of Boston clearly show that William and Katherine were married by Governor Winthrop.
Marriage Notes for William Thompson and Katherine Treat:
The Boston records show that Katherine and William were married by Governor John Endicott.{N.E. H. G. Register, Vol II, p 210.]
Children of William Thompson and Katherine Treat are:
+    10     i.    Catherine3 Thompson, born in Connecticut.
     11    ii.    Samuel Thompson, born Abt. 1656 in Connecticut; died Abt. 1720 in Surry Co., VA.  He married Mary Marriott5   before 03 July 1683 in Surry Co., VA; born 1663; died before1721.
Notes for Samuel Thompson:
Samuel's will in 1720 leaves everything to brother, sisters, nieces and nephews.  His will was made 20 Sept 1720 and probated in Surry Co., VA 17 May 1721.  a gold ring that was given to me by my father--Posey, being prepared to follow me, W. T. to Wm. Marriot a seal ring that was my wife's father's ring. To cousin, Robert Payne, gold buttons and shirt buckle.  To cousin Samuel Thompson, all my Doctor's books, Prayer books and Divinity Books." Makes brother, William Thompson, executor.  Wits.:  Wm. Foster, Samuel Alsobrooks.
 Surry Book II, 1671-1684, p 319 7 November 1692.  Roger Gilbert, of Surry County, Colony of Virginia, planter, sells to Alex. More of said County, half of my land at the head of Gray's Creek near the mouth of the Swamp called Warrelow's Swamp and the land of Sam. Thompson.  Witnesses" Wm. Thompson, Saml. Thompson, Katherine Thompson. In Cavaliers and Pioneers by Nugent, p 303, reports Patent Book 7, p 539. 350 acs. Surry Co. Granted to William Mills, dec'd & found to escheat, by inquisition under Maj. Samll. Swan, Depty. Esch'r, &c.
Surry Book II, p 3223. 7 9ber 1682. Est. of Wm. Marriott, deceased, Dr. to Jno. Moring, Admr. of Mr. Geo. Proctor, Est. Amt, due Mr. Samuel Thompson as marrying ye surviving of ye two orphans, out of which 1500 is to be paid and deducted from funeral charges of the dec'd orphan by order of Ct. Rec.: of Mr. Thompson in right of his wife 9ber 1681, ex. and settled Maj Marriott's estate.  Witnesses Wm. Browne, Wm. Edwards.
Surry Book II, p 331. 3 July 1683. Indenture between Sam Thompson who married Mary, only daughter of Maj William Marriott, deceased, and Thomas Mathas of the other part, land adjoining Nicholas Sessums, 150 acres at Sessums Swamp, etc. Signed:  Thos. Flood, Wm. Thompson
Book II, p 343, 8 Dec. 1683. Samuell Swann, for 1550 lbs. tobacco,sells to Thos. Jordan a house at Warenoke formerly belonging to Thos. Swann, now in possession of Thos. Jordan, and land belonging at least one-half acre belonging to said house, extending west to Samuel Thompson to Mill Swamp except dower to Madam Mary Swann.  Sarah Swann's consent. John Ironmonger.
The following is made from the upside-down pages inserted in the back part of Book II, p 19. Samuell Thompson, Samuell Plow, Geo. Foster are bound for 500 lbs. tob. to keep an Ordinary with no unlawful gains in house, yard, or orchard, no servant on the Sabbath, Holy days, or during Divine Worship or Sermon take the name of all lodgers, unless the persons are well known.  Sell ale, Beer, and Strong Drink lightly sealed, etc., provided for traveller good dyett, Lodging, Housing, etc.
Samuell was Burgess for Surry in 1694.
Samuel served in the Virginia Assembly from Surry Co, in 1715.(the Colonial Virginia Register, Compiled by William G. and Mary Newton Stanard, Baltimore 1965, p 96, Also August 6, 1701, p 94.
Samuel Thompson was Sheriff of Westmoreland in 1698 when the Executive Council of Colonial Virginia in Journals published by H. R. McIlwaine, Editor, Vol I, p401, stated... Mr. Samuell Thompson, Sheriff of Westmoreland is required to apprehend John Cood according to Proclamation 17 Oc t1697.  Since he has not said Sheriff is ordered to appeal before the council at James City 23 day February next to show cause.
On 25 Feb 1698/9 p 416. Mr. William Thompson (by way of excuse for his son the present Sheriff of Westmoreland for not doing his duty in apprehending John Cood said John Cood had had notice to withdraw himself before notice was sent to said Sheriff.  Thompson was ordered to attend his Excellency and the Council at James City the 17th day of April next to prove his allegations in his said letter.
pp418-419, The council found John Cood guilty of "horrid and Impious Blasphemy and also for contriving and endeavoring to raise rebellion against his Majesties" government.
+    12     iii.    William Thompson, born 1657 in Connecticut; died Aft. 20 December 1731 in Surry Co., VA.
+    13     iv.    Elizabeth Thompson, born 01 January 1659/60 in Connecticut.
     14      v.    John Thompson, born Abt. 1661; died January 1698/99 in England.  He married Elizabeth Salway.
 Notes for John Thompson:
 John's will names his brothers and sisters in 1698.
 From Book 5, p 185 in Surry Co., Leg. to brother, Samuel Thompson, 50 pounds. after decease of my wife, 50 lbs. more. To wife the labor of certain slaves for life.  Brother, William Thompson.  Sisters, Catherine and Elizabeth, negroes.  (Brother Samuel, not living in Surry Co., ) Desires that Samuel Alsobrooke, son of Samuel Alsobrooke, deceased, be religiously brought up b Exeerx.  Friends, Maj Arthur Allen and Capt. Francis Clements, each a ring.  To two brothers-in=law, Mr. Robert Paine and Mr. Robert Catlett, each a ring.  To wife, certain things given to her by will of Mr. John Salway, deceased.  Wife, Elizabeth Thompson, is made Exerx.  Made 2 Aug 1698. Prob.: 7 Nov 1699, presented at Court at Southwarke. Wit:  Geo Williams, Jos,Case, Eliza. Prier, Mary Allen, Wm Foreman, Richard Holleman.
He made his will prior to his voyage to England. BUT there seems to be evidence that he made a second will after arriving in England in which he gave his brother William Thompson 100 pounds, sterling, when 21.
Boddie says that he served as Burgess from Surry in 1692-95-96.
1 Katherine(Catherine) Treat, F
Birth Date 1637
Birth Place England
Death Date aft 1700 Age: 63
Death Place Surry, VA
Father Richard Treat , M (-1669)
Mother Alice Unknown , F
Marr Date 19 Sep 1655
Marr Place Boston, Suffolk, MA
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