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Name Richard Walker34,57, M
Birth Date abt 1611
Death Date 1687 Age: 76
Death Place Lynn, Essex, MA
Burial Date 16 May 1687
Burial Place Lynn, Essex, MA
Flags Great Migration
Misc. Notes
*RICHARD, Lynn 1630, as Lewis claims for him, was freem. 14 Mar. 1634, a milit. offic. serg. ens. rep. 1640 and 1, 8, and 9, made a capt. 1653, had Richard, prob. b. in Eng. and Samuel, Tabitha, and Elizabeth prob. b. at Lynn, was some yrs. of Reading, wh. town he rep. 1650, 60, unless his eldest s. may have thus serv. in the latter yr. but he went back to L. there d. very aged, says Sewall, and was bur. 16 May 1687, by Lewis, wh. may have authority in rec. aged 95. Tabitha m. 11 Mar. 1663, Daniel King, Jr. and Elizabeth m. 2 Mar. 1664, Ralph King. 
Source: Savage, vol IV.


ORIGIN: Unknown
REMOVES: Reading by 1647, Boston by 1666, Lynn by 1673
CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: Admission to Lynn (or perhaps Salem) church prior to 4 March 1633/4 implied by freemanship.
FREEMAN: 4 March 1633/4 . Took the oath of allegiance to the king, as an inhabitant of Lynn, 1678 .
EDUCATION: He signed his name to all important documents.
OFFICES: Deputy to General Court for Lynn, 13 May 1640, 1 June 1641 . Committee to set the bounds between Lynn and Salem, 13 February 1638 . Grand jury, as "Lt. Rich. Walker," 25 January 1641, 27 December 1642, 27 June 1643, 27 September 1681 . Jury, 3 October 1637, 26 December 1637, 31 December 1639, 29 December 1640 . Commissioner to end small causes for Lynn, 1678-83 . Lynn selectman, 1657, 1673-75, 1678-79 .
Chosen ensign for Saugus, 9 March 1636/7 . Admitted to Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company, 1638 . Captain for the company at Reading, 7 October 1651 .
Deputy governor of Nova Scotia under Sir Thomas Temple, 1670 . On 11 November 1670 Richard Walker acknowledged receipt of £143 from Sir Thomas Temple and released Temple of all debt to him .
ESTATE: On 29 September 1646 "Capt. Richard Walker of Redding ... & Sarah my wife and Lt. Thomas Marshall & Rebeccah my wife" sold to Francis Smith five hundred acres of upland and meadow in Reading . On 13 February 1652 Captain Richard Walker of Reading sold to John Pearson of Reading ten acres of land in Reading .
On 22 July 1667 Nathaniel Robinson of Boston and Damaris his wife sold to Captain Richard Walker of Boston a parcel of land in the North End of Boston .
On 16 October 1672 Captain Richard Walker of Lynn sold to Thomas Bancroft twenty acres of upland and two parcels of meadow in Reading .
On 20 September 1677 "Richard Walker of Linn ... gent. & Sarah his wife" deeded to "our loving son Suball Walker of Bradford" yeoman and to "our loving daughter-in-law Sarah Walker relict widow of our son Obadiah Walker late of Boston ... merchant deceased" three hundred ninety-two acres in Reading, along with one hundred acres of upland and a parcel of meadow in Bear Meadow; the grantors altered this grant by stating that the one hundred acres of upland and one-third of the meadow should go to son Nathaniel Walker .
On 6 May 1680 "Mr. Richd Walker of Linn, yeoman," sold to Mr. John Legg of Marblehead, shoemaker, one hundred acres of upland and seven acres of fresh meadow in Reading .
Administration of the estate of Captain Richard Walker of Lynn was granted to his widow, Sarah Walker, on 19 June 1688 .
BIRTH: About 1611 (deposed 1653 aged about 41 years ; deposed 30 June 1676 "aged about sixty-five years" ).
DEATH: Buried Lynn 16 May 1687 ("this day Capt. Walker, a very aged planter, buried at Lin" ). (Savage notes that Lewis claimed an age at death of 95 , but this is inconsistent with all other data for this man.)
MARRIAGE: (1) By 1637 Jane Talmage, daughter of THOMAS TALMAGE . She was deceased by 1640 .
(2) By about 1642 Sarah _____. She was living on 19 June 1688 .

With first wife

i SHUBAL, b. about 1639 (deposed 28 March 1681 aged about forty-two years ; deposed 23 March 1681 aged about forty-two years ); m. Lynn 29 May 1666 Patience Jewett.

With second wife

ii NATHANIEL, b. say 1642 (called "Mr." 9 June 1663 when Robert Starr recalled that Nathaniel sailed on the Swallow ); wrote from Virginia in 1671 to his brother Obadiah, referring to "brother Dyer" ; administration granted in Sussex County, Delaware, on 20 July 1685 to Major William Dyer .

iii ELIZABETH, b. say 1644; m. (1) Lynn 2 March 1664 Ralph King; m. (2) Lynn (int.) 2 September 1699 John Lewis.

iv TABITHA, b. Reading 9 November 1647; m. Lynn 11 March 1663 Daniel King.

v OBADIAH, b. say 1648; m. by 1673 Sarah Hough, daughter of Samuel Hough (on 2 October 1673 Obadiah Walker of Boston and Sarah his wife and John Smith of Boston and Mary his wife sold to Richard Harris of Braintree two-thirds of various parcels of land in Braintree, including "Haugh's Neck," Harris having acquired the other third of these parcels by purchase from "Elizabeth Haugh daughter and legatee unto Samuel Haugh late of Reading deceased" ) .

ASSOCIATIONS: In 1640 "William Talmage of Boston in N.E., carpenter, Thomas Talmage, Robert Talmage, and Richard Walker, husband of Jane Talmage, deceased, sons and daughter of Thomas Talmage, brother of John Talmage of Newton Stacey in the county of Southton, husbandman, deceased," appointed two attorneys to see that they received their portions .
In 1646 Richard Walker and Thomas Marshall, each with his wife, jointly sold a parcel of land of five hundred acres . This has the appearance of a sale of land which had been granted to the father of the two wives, and should be a clue sufficient to identify them, if the parcel of land could be traced to its original grant, probably by the colony rather than the town. In 1910 Charles E. Mann wrote a lengthy article, "The Three Lynn Captains," describing the careers of Robert Bridges, Richard Walker and Thomas Marshall, and the many times they acted together .
COMMENTS: There were two other Richard Walkers in New England in the 1630s, one in Salem and one in Boston. The Salem Richard Walker never joined the Salem church, nor did the Richard Walker of Boston join the Boston church. The Richard Walker made freeman on 4 March 1633/4 was adjacent to William Andrews also of Lynn, and so for all these reasons this record is assigned to Captain Richard Walker. (Colket's entry for this man incorporates data from at least two and possibly three different Richard Walkers.)
There is no evidence to tie Richard Walker of Ipswich, who married in 1661 Sarah Story, to this family.
On 29 January 1638 Richard Walker of Lynn, planter, appointed his "well beloved friend Edward Dillingham of Sandwich in N.E., gentleman," his attorney to sue Mr. Howes for failure to pay his portion of a debt .
In 1645 Captain Robert Bridges was sent on a delicate diplomatic mission to Nova Scotia, to treat with Monsieur D'Aulnay ; he chose as his associates for this duty Lt. Richard Walker and Sgt. Thomas Marshall . Thus began a long association of Richard Walker with Nova Scotia.
On 5 March 1648/9 John Endicott wrote to John Winthrop to let him know that a small controversy existed between Mr. Downing and Henry Ingalls, over hay cut on Lt. Walker's ground, without which Ingalls's cattle "are like to perish" .
On 23 January 1653 Captain Richard Walker deposed that "the tumbrel that his man carted mine in for Mr. Leader would not be accepted by Mr. Gafford, and the latter had a larger one made" . In the same matter he deposed "aged about forty-one years" that he sold sheep to Mr. John Giffard, and received payment in beef .
On 29 June 1664 Richard Walker reneged on his bond for Mr. John Blanoe and requested that the court accept Edward Richards in his stead .
"Rich. Walker of Boston, being bound to sea, on 26 March 1666 appointed Thomas Lake his attorney" in the matter of his tearing up the inventory of Mr. Gifford's estate. It would appear that Capt. Walker consistently appraised that estate far lower than Robert Knight, another of the appraisers, and they agreed to tear the inventory up .
On 7 July 1670 Sir Thomas Temple wrote to Capt. Richard Walker, ordering him to relinquish Acadia to Andigne de Grandfontaine, which was done, Pentagouet on 17 July 1670, Jemseg on 27 August, and Port-Royal and Fort La Tour on 2 September 1670 .
On 2 July 1674 Richard Hubberd and Richard Walker certified that they had received a parcel of land belonging to Edmund Patch. The land could not be measured because of thick shrubs, bushes, and water "except in the extremity of winter" .
For the September term 1674, Richard Walker, "aged sixty-three years," deposed that he had helped lay out the two ten-acre lots in controversy between John Ottaway and Joseph Edmonds .
At court July 1675 Capt. Richard Walker sued Thomas Hodgman for refusing to give a legal deed of sale for Reading land Walker purchased of Hodgman's wife before her marriage to Hodgman, while she was the widow of Ezekiel Morrell . Despite many favorable depositions, the court found for Hodgman.
On 30 June 1676 Richard Walker, aged about sixty-five years, and William Cowdrey, aged about seventy-three years, deposed that "they were present when Mr. Daniell King of Lyn made his will, and afterward Mr. John Blanoe understanding that he was not mentioned was much troubled and sent his wife to her father and to them to induce him to include him" .
On 22 September 1677 Capt. Richard Walker, aged about sixty-five years, deposed that "being o ne of the first inhabitants of Linn, alias Saugus, upon our first settling there, we covenanted agreed and bought of an Indian called Black William (who was owned by the Sachem and all the Indians to be the proprietor and owner of that place called Nahant), which place we purchased of him and have had the possession and use of the same for many years" .
For the June 1681 court, Capt. Walker, aged about sixty-eight, deposed that "being appointed with Capt. How by the town of Lynn to lay out several farms, there were granted to him two hundred acres of land beyond the Iron works. All the land between this and Mr. Howell's was common" .
For the November 1682 court, Capt. Walker, aged about sixty-nine years, deposed that he laid out a farm of two hundred acres beyond the Iron works in 1637 . For the same term of court, he deposed that he had settled the Lynn and Reading bounds on 22 March 1652/3 with Capt. Thomas Marshal, and described the bounds .
At court 3 September 1683 Richard Walker of Lynn, aged "nearly seventy years," deposed that the meadow in controversy was granted him by the town and was never Farmer Dexter's, but the meadow adjoining old Goodman Redknap's, deponent was willing to let him have for old respect" .
In a September 1684 appeal of his case regarding a highway through his land, Benjamin Farr challenged that the judges and selectmen in the case were "relation each to the other, Capt. Walker being a judge and selectman, Mr. Ralph King, a selectman, and son to Capt. Walker, brother to Ezekiel Needham, and Andrew Mansfield, a selectman and cousin of Ezekiel Needham..." .
1 Jane Talmage, F
Birth Date abt 1618
Birth Place England
Death Date bef 1640 Age: 22
Father Thomas Talmage , M (<1580-1653)
Mother ? Unknown , F
Marr Date abt 1617
Children Shubal , M (~1639-)
2 Sarah Unknown, F
Death Date aft 1688
Marr Date bef 1642
Children Nathaniel , M (~1642-)
  Elizabeth , F (~1644-<1715)
  Tabitha , F (~1647-)
  Obadiah , M (~1648-)
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