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Name William Shattuck, M
Birth Date 1621
Birth Place England
Death Date 14 Aug 1672 Age: 51
Death Place Watertown, Middlesex, MA
Misc. Notes
WILLIAM, Watertown 1642, by w. Susanna had Susanna, b. 1643; Mary, 25 Aug. John, 11 Feb. 1647; Philip, 1648; Joanna; William, 1653; Rebecca, 1655; Abigail, 1657; Benjamin, d. young; and Samuel, 28 Feb. 1666. He d. 14 Aug. 1672, aged 58, in his will of 11 days preced. spell. his name Shathock, names all the ten ch. His wid. m. 18 Nov. 1673, Richard Norcross, as his sec. w. and d. 11 Dec. 1686. Descend. are very num. Susanna m. 12 Apr. 1661, Joseph Morse, and next, 5 July 1678, John Fay, and for third h. William Brigham; Mary m. 14 Feb. 1662, Jonathan Brown; Joanna d. 4 Feb. 1673, unm.; Rebecca m. 7 Feb. 1672, Samuel Church; ] and Abigail m. 17 Oct. 1678, Jonathan Morse, and next, Joshua Parker of Groton.

WILLIAM1 SHATTUCK was born 1621 in England, and died August 14, 1672 in Watertown, Massachusetts. He married SUSANNA 1642. She died December 11, 1686 in Watertown, Massachusetts.

William Shattuck must have emigrated to this country while in his minority. Nothing is known of him before his arrival in this country, but it is thought that he may have come from either Lancashire, Sommersetshire, or Berkshire. It is also conjectured that his father might have died on his passage over or shortly thereafter, and also that he might have been the son of widow Damaris Shattuck, who was admitted to the church in Salem in 1641. He may have been a brother of Samuel Shattuck as their ages are close and the names in their families are similar.

Samuel Shattuck is believed to be a son of Damaris. He was born about 1620 and died in Salem, MA June 6, 1689, age 69. He first joined the Salem church in 1642. Both he and his mother, widow Damaris, had daughters named Damaris. William, on the other hand, did not name a daughter Damaris.

In the first inventory of estates in Watertown, taken in 1639, William had 1) "An Homstall of one acre bounded Southwest with the Common the East with John Clough & the North with William Perry 2) Three acres of upland bounded the North with Joseph Morse the South with William Perry the East with John Clough & the West with the Common". William had the same holding in the third inventory, taken in 1646.

William married about 1642. The Christian name of his wife was Susanna, but neither her surname, date or place of birth, nor her parentage are known. Susanna remained a widow about 15 months after his death and married on Nov. 18, 1673 Richard Norcross, who survived her. She died Dec. 11, 1686. Richard Norcross was the first grammar school teacher in Watertown. William held several town offices. In 1652 he was chosen to prosecute the orders about hogs and fences and again in 1660. He was also the surveyor of highways in 1655, 1664, and 1665.

William's occupation was that of a weaver, and at his death he bequeathed his "loom and its appurtenances" to his son William. Agriculture also seems to have been a big part of his life, as it was for many early settlers. He was buried in the old Mount Auburn Cemetery.

William Shattuck's will was dated Aug. 3 and proved Aug. 29, 1672. In it he mentioned his sons Samuel Church, Phillip Shattuck, William Shattuck, four small children, two younger sons Benjamin and Samuel, son John, and wife Susanna. His "loving friends John Coolidge, Jr. and Samuel Livermore" were to be assistants to his wife in the execution of the will, which was witnessed by John Coolidge and John Livermore. The inventory of the estate was taken August 23, 1672 by John Coolidge, John Livermore, and Thomas Hastings and amounted to 434.19.11. 200 pounds was in real property, the rest in personal property, including 103.17.7 1/2 in money.
1 Susanna Hayden, F
Death Date 11 Dec 1686
Death Place Watertown, Middlesex, MA
Marr Date 1642
Marr Place Watertown, Middlesex, MA
Children Susannah , F (1643-1716)
  John , M (1646-1675)
  Mary , F (-1732)
  Philip , M (1648-1722)
  William , M (1653-1732)
  Abigail , F (1657-)
  Samuel , M (1666-)
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