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Name Richard More72,73,74,75,76,57,77,78,66,79,65,80,81,82,83,84,85,30, M
Birth Date 13 Nov 1614
Birth Place Shipton, Shropshire, England
Death Date 1693/1696 Age: 78
Death Place Salem, Essex, MA
Flags Mayflower Passenger
Father Samuel More , M (1595-1662)
Mother Katherine More , F (1587-)
Misc. Notes
Richard More BAPTIZED: 13 November 1614, Shipton, Shropshire, England, illegitimate child of Jacob Blakeway and Katherine (More) More wife of Samuel More.DIED: between 19 March 1693/4 and 20 April 1 696, Salem, MA.MARRIED: Christian Hunter, 20 October 1636, Plymouth, MA Jane (---) Crumpton, Salem, MA CHILDREN: NAME BAPTISM DEATH MARRIAGE Samuel 6 March 1641/2, Salem, MA after 1650 unknown Thomas 6 March 1641/2, Salem, MA after 1650 unknown Caleb 31 March 1643/4, Salem, MA 4 January 1678/9, Salem, MA unmarried Joshua 3 May 1646, Salem, MA after 1650 unknown Richard 2 January 1647/8, Salem, MA after 1 May 1696 Sarah (---), before 1673 Susanna 12 May 1650, Salem, MA after 30 October 1728 m1. Samuel Dutch, c1675, prob. Salem, M A m2. Richard Hutton, between July 1693 and January 1695/6 Christian 5 September 1652, Salem, MA 30 May 1680, Salem, MA Joshua Conant, 31 August 1676, Salem, MA ANCESTRAL SUMMARY: Richard More has quite an interesting ancestral history. He was the illegitimate child of Jacob Blakeway and Katherine More. Katherine was married at the time to Samuel More, her cousin . Samuel and Katherine were married as teenagers in a strategically pre-arranged family marriage meant to keep lands within the More family of Shipton, Shropshire, England. The More family had royal blood, direct descendants of King Malcolm III of Scotland, King Edward I of England, and King Henry II of England, which Richard obtained through his mother Katherine. These three royal lines are shown in the table below. The tables just go back to the first significant King, and could be taken back a lot further using published royal genealogies. Malcolm III, King of Scotland (1058-1093) == Margaret(*) David I, King of Scotland (1124-115 3) == Maud, dau. of Waltheof Henry, Earl of Huntington == Ada, dau. of William de Warenne David, Earl of Huntington == Maud, dau. of Hugh, Earl of Chester Ada == Sir Henry de Hastings Sir Henry de Hastings == Joan, dau. of Sir William de Cantelou Sir John de Hastings == Isabel, dau. of William de Valence Elizabeth == Sir Roger de Grey Juliane == John Talbot John Talbot == Katherine (---) Elizabeth == Sir Warin l'Arcedeckne Eleanor == Sir Walter Lucy Eleanor == Thomas Hopton Elizabeth == m1. Sir Roger Corbet; m2. John Toptoft; m3. Sir William Stanley Jane == Thomas Cresset Richard Cressett == Jane Wrottesley Margaret Cresset t == Thomas More Jasper More == Elizabeth Smalley Katherine More ---> Jacob Blakeway (illeg itimate) Richard More of the Mayflower Henry II, King of England (d. 1189) ---> (illegitimate by Ida) William Longespee, Earl of Salisbury == Ela Stephen Longespee == Emmeline de Riddleford Ela Longespee == Sir Roger la Zouche Alan la Zouche == Eleanor de Segrave Maud la Zouche == Robert Holand Maud Holand == Sir Thomas Swinnerton Alice Swinnerton == Sir John Gresley Sir Nicholas Gresley == Thomasine Wasteneys Sir Thomas Gresley == Margaret Walsh Sir John Gresley == Elizabeth Clarell Thomasine Gresley == Hugh Wrottesley Sir Walter Wrottesley == Joan Baron Joan Wrottesley == Richard Cresset Margaret Cresset == Thomas More Jasper More == Elizabeth Smalley Katherine More ---> Jacob Blakeway (illegitimate) Richard More of the Mayflower There is also information known about some of Richard More's non-royal ancestors. Katherine More was the daughter of Jasper More and Elizabeth Smalley. Jasper More's father was Thomas More, of Larden, Shropshire, England. Thomas More died in 1567. The father of Thomas More was Edward More of Larden, Shropshire. The father of Edward More was William More of Larden, who w as living in 1500. Richard More had three other siblings, also thought to be illegitimate children of Jacob Blakeley and Katherine More, all baptized at Shipton, Shropshire, England: Elinor More, bp. 24 May 1612 Jasper More, bp. 8 August 1613 Mary More, bp. 16 April 1616 BIOGRAPHICAL SUMMARY: Richard More has one of the most interesting and unique histories of any Mayflower passenger . He and his three siblings, Ellen, Jasper, and Mary, were discovered to be illegitimate chil dren of Jacob Blakeley and Katherine More. Katherine was married to Samuel More at the time . When Samuel discovered that "his" children were not really his, and after his wife filed fo r divorce on the grounds she had not consented to the marriage (it was a prearranged family m arriage, and they were first cousins), he decided to get rid of his children--against his wif e's desires--so they would not suffer the social consequences of being bastardized. Samuel More found his chance when the Mayflower was in London boarding passengers for America . He paid good money to ship his children to America and make sure the children were placed i n good homes among the Pilgrims. In the documents of the More family of Shropshire was found the following note written by Samuel More: . . . upon good and deliberate advise hath thought fitt . . . to provide for the educacon & maintenance of these children in a place remote from these partes where these great blotts and blemishes may fall upon them and therefore tooke the opportunity of sendinge them when such yonge ones as they were went over wth honest and religious people." Jasper More went to the family of Governor John Carver; Ellen More went to the family of Edward Winslow; and Richard and Mary More went to the family of Reverend Elder William Brewster. Unfortunately, the More children, already traumatized by the separation from their parents, encountered tough conditions the first winter at Plymouth. On December 6, 1620, Jasper More died on board the Mayflower in Provincetown Harbor. In January or February, the two girls Ellen and Mary died. Richard More now found himself alone in the New World, without parents or siblings. The Brewster family raised him, until sometime shortly after 1627, when Richard More returned to England. Richard arrived back in America on the ship Blessing in July 1635, along with a young woman named Christian Hunter. The couple married a year later, on 20 October 1636 at Plymouth. Richard and Christian sold their land in the Plymouth Colony shortly after they were married , and moved to Salem in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, where it appears Richard became a mariner and sea captain. Richard joined the First Church of Salem and became a freeman in 1643. Captain More got around, and is recorded as having sailed to Nova Scotia, Virginia, West Indes , and England at various times during the 1650s and 1660s. On 23 October 1645, Richard More apparently married (polygamously) Elizabeth Woolno at St. Duncan's, Stepney, Middlesex, England, effectively having one wife on both sides of the ocean. Nobody discovered his polygamous relationship until late this century, by Robert M. Sherman, FASG. However, the Salem Church Records in 1688 do record: "Old Captain More having been for many years under suspicion and common fame of lasciviousness, and some degree at least of incontency . . . but for want of proof we could go no further . He was at last left to himself so farr as that he was convicted before justices of peace by three witnesses of gross unchastity with another mans wife and was censured by them." Richard More died in Salem sometime between 19 March 1693/4 and 20 April 1696. This means that Richard More would have been witness to the 1692 Salem witchcraft hysteria. Richard More's gravestone still survives, and is the only known original gravestone still in existence which was erected at the time of burial. It was vandalized around 1919 when someone carved the incorrect "died 1692" onto it. SOURCES: Robert S. Wakefield and Lydia Finlay, Mayflower Families for Five Generations: James Chilton , Richard More, and Thomas Rogers, volume 2 (Plymouth: General Society of Mayflower Descendan ts, 1974). Donald F. Harris, "The More Children of the Mayflower: Their Shropshire Origins and The Reaso ns Why they were Sent Away," Mayflower Descendant 43:123-132, 44:11-20,109-118. Sir Anthony Wagner, "The Origin of the Mayflower Children: Jasper, Richard and Ellen More", N ew England Genealogical and Historical Register, 114(1960):163. Sir Anthony Wagner, "The Royal Descent of a Mayflower Passenger", New England Genealogical and Historical Register 124(1970):85-87. William Bradford, Of Plymouth Plantation, ed. Samuel Morison (New York: Random House, 1952). Eugene Aubrey Stratton, Plymouth Colony: Its History and Its People, 1620-1691 (Ancestry Publishing: Salt Lake City, 1986). Richard More was the only surviving Pilgrim child of four that Commander Samuel More(1), hi s father had put aboard the Mayflower in the Care of Carver, Winslow and Brewster. Why woul d a father commit four young children to such a hazardous undertaking? The tale is a woeful o ne. Samuel More, the childrens' father was married at the tender age of 16 to his third cousin Catherine More, the heiress of Larden, then 23, "presumably in order to keep that property in t he family(1). Four children were born and baptised as Samuel's before he became aware of "th e common fame of the adulterous life of said Katherine More with one Jacob Blakeway(1)." He a lso came to note the resemblance between most of the children to the said Jacob Blakeway. Subsequent to a divorce proceeding by Catherine and her rejection of the children, Samuel ultimately arranged with "honest and religious people"(1) to transport them into the new world ; to see that they were properly lodged, maintained fed and clothed; that at the end of seven years they should have 50 acres apiece. It was his desire to remove them from "these partes ," where "great blotts and blemishes may fall upon them(2)." Sadly only one child, Richard, survived. With a marred paternal heritage and a mother who callously abandoned him, he nevertheless arrived in the New World with a heritage that traced to Malcolm III, King of Scotland 1058-1093(1)
1 Christian Hunter, F
Birth Date 1615
Birth Place England
Death Date 18 Mar 1676 Age: 61
Death Place Salem, Essex, MA
Marr Date 1636
Marr Place Plymouth, Plymouth, MA
Children Christian , F (1652-1680)
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