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Name Bygod Eggleston57, M
Birth Date 20 Feb 1586
Birth Place Settrington, East Riding, England
Death Date 1 Sep 1674 Age: 88
Death Place Windsor, Hartford, CT
Flags Great Migration
Father James Eggleston , M (1550-1613)
Mother Margaret Harker , F (1565-1595)
Misc. Notes

ORIGIN: Unknown
REMOVES: Windsor 1635
CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: Bigod Eggleston is in Matthew Grant's list of those who had been members of the church in Dorchester, moved to Windsor with Warham, and remained in the church at Windsor .
FREEMAN: Requested 19 October 1630 (as "Bigatt Egglestone") and admitted 18 May 1631 (as "Biggott Egglestone") . Connecticut freeman, 21 May 1657 .
EDUCATION: Signed his will "Beget Egleston."
OFFICES: Hartford jury, 8 July 1650 .
ESTATE: Granted "a lot on this side of the way going to Rocksbury," in Dorchester, 5 August 1633 ; "Thomas Geofry to have the lot was Mr. Egelstone's by Mr. Hathorne," 2 June 1634 ; granted three acres "in the neck behind his lot," 10 February 1634/5 ; granted Lot #52, four acres in the meadow beyond Naponset .
In the Windsor land inventory on 8 December 1640 "Beggatt Eggleston" held five parcels of land which had been granted to him: "an homelot with the addition eleven acres"; eleven acres of meadow; "over the Great River 25 rod in breadth, length 3 mile"; "near Paquannick 20 acres"; "in the palisado three-quarters of an acre" .
He purchased other pieces of real estate (dates of the transactions unknown): of Rhoda Taylor, "her dwelling house, outhouses, garden with the land upon which it stands in the palisado a quarter of an acre ..., also in the Great Meadow six acres & fifteen rods ..., also across the Great River in breadth ten rods ... in length three miles ... , also adjoining to Rocky Hill eighteen acres ... ; of land that was Eltweed Pomeroy's, one acre and a half in the palisado with the house on it; of George Hull "in the Great Meadow three acres & half" ; of William Gaylard the elder twenty acres of land; and of William Hill "in the Great Meadow twelve acres" .
On 4 March 1641 "Beggatt Eggleston of Windsor" sold to Thomas Thornton of the same twenty acres "on the south side of the rivulet near Paquannicke" . On 8 November 1660 "Thomas Egglston of Windsor" sold to "my father Beggat Egglestone" six acres of land . On March 1660 Richard Weller of Farmington sold to "Begat Eaggleston" two acres and a half of marsh .
In his will, dated 13 November 1673, "Bigat Egllstone of Windsor" bequeathed to "my son Benjamin" house and land (on the condition "that he shall maintain his mother and pay my debts"), to "my son Joseph" 40s. "should come and demand a portion," to sons James, Samuel and Thomas and daughters Mary, Sarah and Abigail, 3s. apiece .
His inventory, taken 24 October 1674, totalled £116 3s. (against which were debts of £39 8s. 5d.), of which £74 was real estate: "his dwelling house & houseland 2 acres & half," £40; "in the Great Meadow six acres," £33; and "for poor land on the Sandy Plains 20 acres" £1 .
BIRTH: Baptized Settrington, Yorkshire, 20 February 1586, son of "James Egeleston" . (Rosalie Eggleston and Linda Eggleston McBroom have identified the mother of Bigod Eggleston as Margaret, daughter of Miles Harker of Settrington .)
DEATH: Windsor 1 September 1674 "near 100 year old" (but actually eighty-seven) .
MARRIAGE: (1) By 1612 _____ _____; not seen in any record.
(2) By about 1634 _____ _____; on 5 June 1645 "Baggett Egleston, for bequeathing his wife to a young man, is fined 20s." ; living on 13 November 1673 when named in her husband's will.

With first wife

i JAMES, bp. St. Margaret's, Norwich, Norfolk, 14 April 1612; bur. there 20 August 1613.

ii MARY, bp. St. Margaret's, Norwich, Norfolk, 19 January 1613/4; no further record (but see COMMENTS below).

iii JAMES, b. say 1620 ; m. by 1656 Esther Kelsey, daughter of WILLIAM KELSEY (eldest child b. Windsor 1 January 1656 ) . After the death of her first husband Esther married James Eno and then John Williams, so that (as George McCracken put it) "she was surnamed Williams at her death, not, as so often claimed, at her birth" .

With second wife

iv SAMUEL, b. say 1634; m. by 1663 Sarah Disborough, daughter of Nicholas Disborough (eldest child b. Middletown 6 March 1663; the inventory of "Nicholas Disbrowe," dated 31 August 1683, carried the names of his four children, including "Samuel Eglestone's wife" ).

v MARY, b. say 1636; m. Windsor 7 June 1655 John Denslow . (He was not son of NICHOLAS DENSLOW .)

vi THOMAS, b. Windsor 26 August 1638 ; no evidence that he married. Thomas Eggleston died in May 1697, and on 2 September 1697 the court ordered distribution to "Benjamin Eglestone, brother, and to the wife of Jno. Pettebone senior of Simsbury, a sister of the deceased"; on 28 August 1701 distribution was made "to Benjamin Eglestone, to John Pettebone, to John, to Thomas, to Nathaniel, to Isaac Eglestone" .

vii MERCY, b. Windsor 29 May 1641 ; d. there 1657 .

viii SARAH, b. Windsor 28 March 1643 ; m. 16 February 1664 John Pettibone .

ix REBECCA, b. Windsor 8 December 1644 ; not named in father's will; no further record.

x ABIGAIL, b. Windsor 12 June 1648 ; bp. there 18 June 1648; m. 14 October 1669 John Osborn .

xi JOSEPH, bp. Windsor 30 March 1651 ; in his will of 13 December 1673 his father bequeathed to Joseph 40s. "should come and demand a portion," indicating that he lived at a distance. Stiles claims that Joseph married, resided in the area of North Stonington, and had three sons and "several daughters" . One of these supposed sons had children born in the 1750s and later and another had children born in the 1770s and later; these are more likely descendants of a much later generation who have not been properly located among the known branches of the family, and should not be credited to Joseph, for whom no record has been found beyond his father's conditional bequest.

xii BENJAMIN, b. Windsor 18 December 1653 ; m. Windsor 6 March 1678 Hannah Shaddock, daughter of John Osborn and widow of Elias Shaddock ("Elias Shadduck" died at Windsor 26 May 1676 leaving a wife and one child, and John Osborn left a will dated 27 October 1686 naming daughter "Hanna" and "my grandchild Hana Shadduck" ).

COMMENTS: Bigod Eggleston's migration pathway is one of the more interesting encountered among those who came to New England. He was born in Settrington, Yorkshire, in 1586, and then about 1610 accompanied or followed other members of his family to Norwich, Norfolk. The last record for him at Norwich is the baptism of his daughter Mary on 19 January 1613/4.
He then showed up in 1630 at Dorchester, which has led many to place him on the Mary & John. If he were on this ship, one would expect him to have come from one of the West Country counties of Devon, Dorset or Somerset, but we have no record for him anywhere from 1615 to 1630.
Was the Yorkshire and Norfolk man the same as the Bigod Eggleston of Dorchester and Windsor? There is at this time no certain evidence, but the age of the New England man is in accord with the baptismal date in Settrington; the Yorkshire-Norwich man had father and son named James while the Windsor man had son James; and no other man by the name of Bigod Eggleston has been found in England.
A search for records for this man in Devon, Dorset and Somerset may resolve this problem, and tie together the beginning and end of the career of Bigod Eggleston.
In his record of "what children has been born in Windsor from our beginning hither to so far as I am able to find out," Matthew Grant credited "Begat Egelston" with seven .
The claim has been made that the "Mary Egellston" who married at Watertown on 16 October 1645 Edward Sanderson was the daughter of Bigod Eggleston baptized in Norwich in 1614 , but this is unlikely for many reasons: the Mary baptized at Norwich would have been thirty at the time of this marriage; Bigod did not name her or any children of hers in his will; and the Egglestons of Windsor had no known connection with Watertown at this early date.
Most accounts of the family state that James and Samuel were twins, but there is no evidence in favor of this, and few dates to help us in sorting out the chronology for these two men. However, James Eggleston has an entry dated 8 December 1640 in the Windsor land inventory whereas Samuel does not; and the two men married about seven years apart.
BIBLIOGRAPHIC NOTE: Clarence Almon Torrey published the basic information on the Eggleston family in Yorkshire in 1934 . This was supplemented by John G. Hunt, who pointed out the correct reading of the records for the daughter born in 1641, thus requiring that the daughter Mary named in the will must have been born earlier . Genevieve Tylee Kiepura added some further comments in 1969 , expanding considerably on the clue provided by Torrey regarding the Egglestons in Norwich.
The most complete and extensive treatment of Bigod Eggleston was published in 1991 by Rosalie Eggleston and Linda Eggleston McBroom .

Bygod Eggleston was baptized on 20 February 1586, or possibly 1587 in All Saints Church at Settrington, East Riding, (now North Yorkshire) England. He died on 1 September 1674 at Windsor, Connecticut. His will was dated 13 November 1673. One of these persistent rumors is the claim that Bygod's maternal grandmother was a Bigod, this stemming from Bygod's unusual Christian name. While the family of Bigod had some importance in the 12th and 13th centuries and cadet branches of the Bigods held the manor of Settrington until 2 June 1537 when Sir Francies Bigod was put to death for treason, no link has been found of any blood relationship between Bygod Eggleston and the Bigod line. Sometime before 1612, Bygod Eggleston arrived at Norwich , Norfolk, England. He married and had four children who were born in England. He sailed to America on the ship "Mary and John", which sailed from Plymouth, England on 20 March 1630 just a few days ahead of the Winthrop Fleet of 1630 and arrived seventy days later, on May 30, 1630, at Dorchester, Massachusetts, located at the mouth of what is now Boston harbor. The ship's captain refused to sail up the Charles river as planned because he feared running the ship aground in waters that he had no charts for. He instead left the passengers in a desolate locale miles from their intended destination. The settlors were forced to transport 150,000 pounds of livestock, provisions and equipment 20 miles overland to their final destination. First settling in Dorchester, Massachusetts in 1630 and an original member of the Reverend Mr. Warham's church, Bygod Eggleston was one of the founders of Windsor, Connecticut in 1635, which is at the confluence of the Farmington and Connecticut Rivers. Windsor is about six miles north of where the city of Hartford, Connecticut stands today. Bygod Eggleston brought to the colonies with him three sons, James, John and Samuel. A daughter Mary, another son James, and his first wife, are assumed to have died before Bygod left England and little else is known about them. He married again, Mary, and again, her surname is unknown. Together they had seven children; Thomas, Mercy (Marcy), Sarah, Rebecca (Deborah) , Abigail, Joseph and Benjamin . Bygod was fined 20 shillings in 16 45 for "bequeathing his wife to a young man." The young man, a George Tuckye, was fined 40 shillings, but he took off and didn't pay. Why Bygod thought he needed a young man for his wife is certainly questionable as Bygod was 67 years old when he fathered his youngest son, my 6th Great Grandfather Benjamin Eggleston. Bygod survived his second wife as well, and married for third and final time. Once again, her name is unknown. No known children came of this marriage. Bygod Eggleston had at least 63 grandchildren and 144 great grandchildren. **** The will of Bygod Eggleston:Hartford, Connecticut Probate Records, 1635-50, A DIGEST OF THE EARLY CONNECTICUT PROBATE RECORDS, 1663 to 1677, Page 136 Name: Bygatt Eglestone Locati on: Windsor Invt. œ116-03-00. Taken 24 October, 1674, by Old William Trall, Thomas Dibble sen. , Matthew Grant. Will dated 13 November, 1673: I Bigat Egllstone of Windsor, in ye county of Hartford, being aged and weake, doe make this m y last will & Testament as followeth: I comit my sould in ye hands of god, and my body to b e buryed in seemly maner by my frends. My Estate, which is but Samll, This is my will: My Hou se & Land after my decease I give to my son Beniamin, he being ye staff of my age, on this co ndition, that he shall maintaine his Moother during her life and pay my Debts. And in case y t my son Joseph should come and demand a portion, his brother shall pay him forty shillings a s he is able wth conveniency. Also to my son James & my son Samuel & my son Thomas, And to m y Daughters Mary, Sarah & Abigail, to eyther of these three shillings apeece. All ye rest o f my estate I give to my son Beniamen, and doo make him my exsequitor. Witness: Nath. ffyler, Abraham Randall, John Hosford. Beget Egleston.
1 Mary Talcott, F
Birth Date Unknown
Misc. Notes
There's a great deal of speculation as to who Bygod's wives might have been, Mary Talcott is often named as one of them, however little hard information has come to light to support this guess. Who these women were remains one of the mysteries surrounding Bygod's life
Children Marcy(Mary) , F (~1613-1684)
  Sarah , F (1634-1713)
  Abigail , F (1648-)
  James , M (1620-1679)
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