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Name Francis Sprague57, M
Birth Date abt 1599
Birth Place London, Middlesex, England
Death Date abt 1669 Age: 70
Death Place Duxbury, Plymouth, MA
Flags Great Migration
Father Edward Sprague , M (~1577-1614)
Mother Christiana Holland , F (~1578-1651)
Misc. Notes
1. FRANCIS1 SPRAGUE was born Abt. 1600 in England (Source: Robert O. Sprague ), and died 1669 in Duxbury, Plymouth Co., MA (Source: Sprague, Warren V., "Sprague Families in America", 1913.Other sources give 1666 as year of death.). He married (1) LYDIA Bef. 1623 in England (Source: Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island). She was born Unknown, and died Aft. 1623. He married (2) ANNA Aft. 1623 (Source: Willison, George, "Saints & Strangers".). She was born 1602 in England (Source: Willison, George, "Saints & Strangers".), and died Abt. 1660 in Duxbury , Plymouth Co., MA (Source: Willison, George, "Saints & Strangers".). Notes for FRANCIS SPRAGUE: Francis Sprague arrived from England on board the "Anne" at Plymo uth, MA, in July, 1623. From the book, "The English Ancestry and Homes of the Pilgrim Fathers who came to Plymouth o n the 'Mayflower' in 1620; the 'Fortune in 1621; and the 'Anne' and the 'Little James' in 162 3": "THE ANNE. Bradford gives the following particulars of the company of emigrants who came in t his ship: 'About 14 days after, (i.e. July 10, 1623, came in this ship caled the Anne, whereo f Mr. William Pierce was Master. . .They brought 60 persons for the generall, some of them be ing very usefull persons, and became good members to the body, and some were wives and childr en of shuch as were hear already. And some were so bad, as they were faine to be at charge t o send them home againe the next year. . .' Robert Cushman had written to Bradford early tha t year: 'Our friends at Leyden. . .will come to you as many as can this time,' and by the shi p Anne he sent another letter, advising Bradford that 'Some few of your old friends are come , as &c. So they come droping to you. . .And because people press so hard upon us to goe, an d often shuch as are none of the fitest, I pray you write earnestly to the Treasurer and dire ct what persons should be sente. It greeveth me to see so weake a company sent you. . ." The above book says the following about Francis Sprague: "This name does not occur in the Leyden Archives, and in addition to this is of great rarit y in England. Early settlers of the name emigrated from Dorset to New England but no other oc currence of it is known. It appears as Spragg and sometimes as Sprake, and such few instance s of its occurrence are found in the counties of Devon and Somerset. As none of the passenger s have been traced to the West Country to the West Country it is probable that this emigran t was a transient resident in London which most of this company came. . .The occurrence of th e name of Spragg at Knutsford Co., Chester, whence came other emigrants to New England, indic ates a possible connection between him and Ratiffe and Hilton who preceded him in the 'Fortun e'." From "Sprague Families in America" by Warren Vincent Sprague, 1913: Francis Sprague came in the "good ship Anne" which sailed from London, England, and arrived a t Plymouth, July 1623. He was one of those "passengers seeing the low and poor conditions o f those that were before them, were much daunted and dismayed, and according to their divers e humors, were diversely affected. Some wished themselves in England again; others fell to we eping, fancying their own misery in what they saw in others; other some pitying the distres s they saw their friends had long been in, and still were under. In a word, all were full o f sadness; only some of their old friends rejoiced to see them, and it was no worse with them , for they could not expect it should be better, and now hoped they should enjoy better day s together. And truly it was no marvel they should be thus affected, for they were in a low c ondition, both in respect of food and clothing at that time." William Bradford, first governor of Plymouth Colony, wrote in his journal in allusion to th e passengers who came in the Anne and the James: "The best dish we could present them with, is a lobster, or a piece of fish, without bread, o r any thing else but a cup of fair spring water; and the long continuance of this diet, wit h our labors abroad, has somewhat abated the freshness of our complexion; but God gives us he alth." The Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island, 69, says that Francis Sprague married Lydia in E ngland and that they came to this country with their first child, a daughter. The book, "Sain ts & Strangers", by George Willison lists Anna (1602-c. 1660, Duxbury) as the wife of Franci s Sprague and that they had four children. This would tend to suggest that Lydia was the moth er of only the first child, the daughter born in England, and that Anna was the mother of th e other children born in America. "Genealogical Gleanings from England", 1901, says that in 1623, Francis Sprague shared in th e division of lands with those who came in the Anne. In 1627, at the division of cattle, he g ives the names of his children as Ann and Mary. Also in 1627, he signed an agreement with Wil liam Bradford and others pertaining to the carrying on of the fur trade. January 2, 1632/33, Francis was taxed at Plymouth, MA, being assessed for 18 shillings. About 1632, he settled in the northeast part of Duxbury, near the Nook, so called. June 17, 1637, he was admitted Freeman of the Colony. In 1637, hed was also licensed to sell spirituous liquors. In 1640, he owned land on North River. On April 1, 1644, he deeded to his son-in-law William Lawrence 50 acres on South River. In 1645, Francis was one of the original proprietors in Bridgewater, MA, but he did not resid e there. He was also one of the original purchasers in Dartmouth, MA. On October 26, 1659, he deeded land to his son-in-law Ralph Earle of Rhode Island. Francis was an inn holder up to 1666, and owned considerable property. He did not adhere stri ctly to the enactments of the civil code of the Puritan Fathers and was several times brough t before the Court for what they considered departures from the strict line of duty. The book , "Saints and Strangers", by George Willison says: "Francis Sprague, said to have been of 'ardent temperment', obtained leave 'to keep a victualling (tavern) on the Duxburrow side', havi ng his license suspended for a time the next year for 'drinking overmuch' and tolerating to o much jollity. Child of FRANCIS SPRAGUE and LYDIA is: i. ANN2 SPRAGUE, b. Bef. 1623, England (Source: Genea logical Dictionary of Rhode Island); d. Unknown. Children of FRANCIS SPRAGUE and ANNA are: ii. MARY2 SPRAGUE, b. Bef. 1627 (Source: Genealogi cal Gleanings from England, 1901.); d. Unknown. iii. MERCY SPRAGUE, b. Unknown; d. Unknown ; m. WILLIAM TUBBS, November 09, 1637 (Source: Marilyn Owen); b. Unknown; d. Unknown.
1 Lydia Unknown, F
Birth Date abt 1600
Birth Place England
Death Date abt 1660 Age: 60
Death Place Duxbury, Plymouth, MA
Marr Date abt 1621
Marr Place Dorset, England
Children John Francis , M (1633-1676)
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