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Name Alice Atwood72,73,74,75,76,57,77,78,66,79,65,80,81,82,83,84,85,30, F
Birth Date abt 1573
Birth Place St. Martin, London, Middlesex, England
Death Date 15 Mar 1621 Age: 48
Death Place Plymouth, Plymouth, MA
Flags Mayflower Passenger
1 William Mullins72,73,74,75,76,57,77,78,66,79,65,80,81,82,83,84,85,30, M
Birth Date abt 1572
Birth Place Dorking, Surreyshire, England
Death Date 21 Feb 1620/1621 Age: 48
Death Place Plymouth, Plymouth, MA
Flags Mayflower Passenger
Misc. Notes
Mullins, William Shoemaker of Dorking, Surrey. Born about 1568. Died Plymouth, February 21 , 1620/1 He married by 1593 Alice _____. She died sometime after his will was prepared and sent to England. They had four children: William who married twice first in England and in Boston, one daughter who married three times, but died without issue; Joseph who died early; Sarah, who married by 1622, _____ Blunden; and Priscilla who marrried John Alden. Bradford notes that only the two children Priscilla and Joseph accompanied them on the Mayflower. Willia m Mullins made out his death-bed will on 21 February 1620/1, in which he mentions his wife Alice, daughter Priscilla, son Joseph, and married children William and Sarah who were still i n Dorking at the time. Bradford Account: "Only his dougter priscila survied, and maried with John Alden, who are both living, and have . 11. children. And their eldest daughter is maried & hath five children." Children: William, m. Ann ( ) Bell, widow of Thomas Bell. He came after his father's death and was in D uxbury by 1637. Died about 1674 possibly at his daughter's house. His estate was administere d by his daughter's third husband in Braintree MA. Joseph, died in the first winter Sarah, m. _______Blunden Priscilla m. John Alden (See Alden Descendants) William Mullins BORN: c1572, probably Dorking, Surrey, England, possibly son of John Mullins and Joane BridgerDIED: 21 February 1620/1, PlymouthMARRIED: Alice (---) CHILDREN: NAME BIRTH DEATH MARRIAGE William probably Dorking, Surrey, England 12 February 1672, Braintree, MA (1). name unknow n (2). Ann (---) Bell Sarah probably Dorking, Surrey, England after 1621 Mr. Blunden, before 1621 Priscilla probably Dorking, Surrey, England between 1650 and 1687 John Alden , c1623, Plymout h Joseph probably Dorking, Surrey, England cir. April 1621 unmarried ANCESTRAL SUMMARY: William Mullins does not have any Molyneaux ancestors--one of the most common (and most absurd when you examine the "evidence") claims in all of Mayflower genealogy. He has no proven royal ancestry, no proven Huguenot ancestors, and the names of his parents have never been proven (though John Mullyns and Joane Bridger of Dorking seem to be the best candidates). Further, the maiden name of his wife Alice is not known. It has not been shown to be Atwood , Poretiers, or any of the other identifications that are floating around. . The identification of her as Alice Atwood is based solely on the fact that William Mullins mentions a "Goodman Woodes" in his will. That is clearly not enough evidence to make a genealogical connection There is no evidence at all to show that Alice was the daughter of Nicholas Atwood of Westminster, Middlesex as claimed by the I.G.I. and Ancestral Files o f the Morman church. The occasionally published death date of 15 March 1620/1 for Alice is totally absurd--no such record exists. Alice was alive on April 2, 1621, as evidenced by the will of William Mullins. No doubt she was also alive three days later on April 5, 1621 when the Mayflower finally set sail--otherwise the will would have been changed. BIOGRAPHICAL SUMMARY: William Mullins was a fairly well-to-do shoe and boot dealer from Dorking, Surrey, England. H e purchased a number of shares in the Pilgrims joint-stock company, becoming one of the Merch ant Adventurers. He brought his wife Alice, daughter Priscilla and son Joseph to America on t he Mayflower. Only Priscilla would survive the first winter, however. William Mullins made ou t his death-bed will on 21 February 1620/1, in which he mentions his wife Alice, daughter Pri scilla, son Joseph, and married children William and Sarah who were still in Dorking. He als o mentions a "Goodman Woodes" who remains unidentified, and a "Master Williamson" which was l ikely a Dutch pseudonym for William Brewster who was a fugitive at the time (for printing ill egal religious pamphlets in Leyden). SOURCES: 1. Mayflower Descendant 1:231-232, "The Will of William Mullins" 2. Mayflower Descendant 7:37,179, "The Estates of William(2) Mullins", by George Bowman 3. Mayflower Descendant 44:39-44, "The Mullins Family", by Alicia Crane Williams 4. Mayflower Quarterly 39:83, "William Mullin's Grandchildren in England", by Robert S. Wakef ield 5. Alicia Crane Williams, Families of Pilgrims: John Alden and William Mullins, Mass. Soc. o f Mayf. Desc., 1986 Born: About 1572, probably Dorking, Surrey, England, the son of John and Joan (Bridger) Mullins. Marriage: Alice, probably around 1600, probably at Dorking, Surrey, England. Death: 21 February 1620/1, Plymouth. Children: William, Sarah, Priscilla, and Joseph. Biographical Summary William Mullins was born about 1572, apparently to John and Joan (Bridger) Mullins of Dorking , Surrey, England. He married a woman named Alice, but her maiden name has not been identified. Longstanding claims that her maiden name is Atwood, or Poretiers, are without basis. William brought his wife Alice and children Priscilla and Joseph on the Mayflower; he also brought over 250 shoes and 13 pairs of boots, his profession being a shoe and boot dealer. He died on 21 February 1620/1. His original will has survived, written down by John Carver the day of Mullins' death. In it he mentions his wife Alice, children Priscilla and Joseph, and his children back in Dorking, William Mullins and Sarah Blunden. He also mentions a Goodman Woods, and a Master Williamson, who have not been identified. It was witnessed by the Mayflower's captain Christopher Jones, the Mayflower's surgeon Giles Heale, and Plymouth's governor John Carver.
Marr Date abt 1595
Marr Place Dorking, Sussex, England
Children William , F (~1596-1672)
  Sara , F
  Joseph , M (~1596-1621)
  Priscilla , F (~1602-~1686)
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