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Name Judith Dillingham, F
Birth Date abt 1578
Birth Place Ipswich, Essex, England
Death Date 17 Apr 1648 Age: 70
Death Place Ipswich, Essex, MA
1 John Shatswell57, M
Birth Date abt 1574
Birth Place Ipswich, Essex, England
Death Date 11 Feb 1646 Age: 72
Death Place Ipswich, Essex, MA
Flags Great Migration
Misc. Notes

ORIGIN: Unknown
EDUCATION: He signed his will. His inventory included 4 Bibles, £1, and several books, valued at 15s.
ESTATE: On 26 April 1648 a deed was recorded in which Josias Cobham and Mary his wife and John Ilsly and Sarah his wife sold to "John Shatswell, late of Ipswich, yeoman," twenty acres of meadow and upland in Ipswich; "his land was sold about eight years since, & now in possession of Richard Shatswell" .
In his will, dated 11 February 1646 and proved 30 March 1647, "John Satchwell of Ipswich though weak in body" bequeathed to "my son Richard" all my houses and land, except part of the twenty-five acre lot from the upper end of the plowed land to the sea, and sixteen acres of pasture beyond Muddy River towards Rowley, which parcells of land I give to "Johan my wife" for her life and to her issue if she have any, and for want of such issue, then to return to Richard "my son his heirs and assigns." "If Richard shall not marry with Rebecca Tuttle which is now intended then my wife shall have her being in the house ... during her life unless she see good to dispose of herself otherwise." If both Richard and Johan die without issue, then the land remaining should "be equally divided between my brother and sisters' children that are here in New England"; to "my brother Theophilus Satchwell" my best cloth suit and coat; to "my brother Curwin" my stuff suit; to "my sister Webster" seven yards of stuff and a young heiffer; "my wife" sole executrix .
The undated inventory of the estate of John Satchwell was not totalled, and included £307 in real estate: "one dwelling house and homestall with barn, cowhouse, orchard yard with the appurtenances", £100; and "several parcels of land, meadow and upland" £207. He also had "a swarm of bees," £1; and "in England upon bond," £18 .
BIRTH: About 1597 .
DEATH: Ipswich between 11 February 1646/7 (date of will) and 30 March 1647 (probate of will).
MARRIAGE: (1) By about 1627 _____ _____.
(2) Say 1642 Joanna _____. She married (2) about 1650 JOHN GREEN of Charlestown. "Joanah Shatswell, widow," died at Ipswich on 17 April 1673, apparently having reassumed the surname of her second husband.

With first wife

i RICHARD, b. about 1627 (deposed aged 52 in 1679 ); m. probably soon after 1647 Rebecca Tuttle, daughter of Richard and Anne (Taylor) Tuttle.

ASSOCIATIONS: The problem of the relationships among the various Shatswell immigrants to New England has puzzled many very good genealogists, and for many years the best account has been that prepared by Walter Goodwin Davis in 1945 . Quite recently, however, David A. Macdonald has unearthed a document which resolves most of the outstanding questions . The document in question, a chancery suit of 1627, shows that there were five Shatswell siblings: John, Theophilus, Margaret (who was already married to Matthew Curwen), Mary and Sibyl. The fate of Sibyl is not known, but the other four came to New England, Mary having married John Webster who settled in Ipswich. This leaves us without any demonstrated connection between this family and William Shatswell of Ipswich. Furthermore, WILLIAM SARGENT did not marry a Shatswell sibling, and his connection with Theophilus Shatswell must have come about in some other manner.
COMMENTS: According to some sources, Anne (Taylor) Tuttle, the widow of Richard Tuttle, married as her second husband Edward Holyoke . His daughter Mary married John Tuttle, son of Richard and Anne (Taylor) Tuttle, and on this basis Edward Holyoke in his will made a bequest to "my son Tuttle"; this designation of Tuttle is adequately explained as that of son-in-law, so this alone doe not prove the marriage to John Tuttle's mother.
In his will John Shatswell named "Johan my wife," and then stated that "if Richard shall not marry with Rebecca Tuttle which is now intended then my wife shall have her being in the house ... during her life unless she see good to dispose of herself otherwise"; this language suggests Rebecca Tuttle was in the Shatswell household because of her connection with the second wife of John Shatswell. After the death of John Shatswell, Joanna married as his second wife JOHN GREEN of Charlestown, who made a bequest to "Joanna Shachwell," the grandchild of his wife. In 1664 Mark Quilter was taken to court for alleged abuse of Rebecca, Richard's wife. One of the documents filed in that suit was a deposition of "Johanah Greene" who stated that Goodwife Quilter had "diverse times come to my daughter's house," referring to Rebecca, the wife of Richard Shatswell. Both these records could be interpreted to mean that Rebecca was Joanna's own daughter, which would be the case if she were the widow of Richard Tuttle. Mary Lovering Holman accepted the marriage of John Green and Richard Tuttle's widow, but took no notice of marriage to John Shatswell .
Two Boston land records resolve these conflicts. In the 1645 Boston Book of Possessions Anne Tuttle held three parcels of land . On 8 September 1648 "Edward Holiock & Anne his wife" of Boston sold to Richard Woodward of Watertown "the windmill that is now standing in Boston ... as also the land whereon it doth stand being granted & given to Mr. Richard Tuttle now deceased"; Edward Holyoke signed this deed and "Anne Tuttell" made her mark . Anne (Taylor) Tuttle married as her second husband Edward Holyoke, and was his wife when the widow of John Shatswell was married to JOHN GREEN .

SHATSWELL, SHOTSWELL, SATCHELL, or SATCHELLS, JOHN, Ipswich 1633, was fined, 3 Sept. by our Gen. Ct. for distemper in drink, but 5 yrs. aft. half of the fine was remit. and he was much more correct in deportm. d. 1647, and his will was pro. 30 Mar. It names w. Joanna, s. Richard, br. Theophilus, br. Curwin, and sis. Mary Webster, w. of John. His wid. m. John Green of Charlestown, outliv. him, and d. 17 Apr. 1673.
Marr Date abt 1599
Marr Place Ipswich, Essex, MA
Children Elizabeth , F (~1600-1638)
  Mary , F (~1606-1694)
  Theophilus , M (1609-1663)
  Richard , M (~1627-1694)
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