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Name Edmund Nicholson, M
Birth Date 1612
Birth Place England
Death Date 1660 Age: 48
Death Place At Sea
Misc. Notes
Edmund was probably born in England. He married around 1637 Elizabeth Simson, the possible daughter of William Sympson. They had arrived at Marblehead, Essex Co., Massachusetts by 1646. That same year they and a party of Quakers purchased William Hawthorne's Plain's farm. His portion of the price was 4 pounds for 10 acres. Her brother Francis Simpson also bought 10 acres and it is assumed that the families lived together. This land was later known as
"William Woods House." In 1651 Nicholson and Simpson were asked to provide pasturage and forage for their fair share, of the privilege of keeping the cows on the common pastures. They had six children. He was a fisherman by trade. When he was on land he was often involved with the law as a plaintiff or defendant in lawsuits. He also served as a witness and was twice accused himself of being disguised with drink. His wife was sympathetic with the Quakers. Elizabeth was admonished four times in the period 1659 to 1662 for not attending regular church. Between June 4th and November 27, 1660 at the age of 67, Edmund drowned while at sea. Because of the ongoing conflicts between the churches and Elizabeth's Quaker leanings the Puritan court blamed her and her sons for his death, saying that they were witches. They were fined and placed in a Butcher's cub (holding pen), where they were forced to stand under the gallows with ropes around their necks. The boys were whipped severely, to the point of collapse. Eventually Elizabeth was named the
executor for Edmund's estate and her and the children inherited a net estate valued at 96 pounds. She was remarried to a Mr. Brown in 1662- 1664. In 1672 and 1673 the Massachusetts Bay authorities again tried to take her house for
Quaker sympathies. She died in Marblehead sometime after June 1673.

Edmund and Elizabeth's children:

1.Christopher, see below.
2.Joseph was born around 1649, he married Jane, they lived in Marblehead, he
died in April 1691.
3.Samuel was born around 1644, he married Judith, they lived in Marblehead,
he died in 168927 .
4.John was born around 1646.
5.Elizabeth was born around 1649 in Marblehead, married Nicholas Andrews27,
she died December 5, 1727, had issue.
6.Thomas married Elizabeth Wood, he died around 1693, she remarried on
January 15, 1694, Richard Crofts .
1 Elizabeth Simpson(Simson), F
Birth Date abt 1616
Birth Place England
Death Date 1673 Age: 57
Misc. Notes
Elizabeth Simpson was born circa 1616 at England. She was the daughter of William Simpson.
Elizabeth Simpson married Edmund Nicholson in 1636/37 at England.
By 1646 Edmund and Elizabeth were in Marblehead, Essex County, Massachusetts when he and a party of Quakers purchased William Hawthorne's Plain's farm. His portion of the price was 4 pounds for 10 acres. Elizabeth's brother, Francis Simpson, also bought 10 acres."
Elizabeth Simpson was widowed by her husband's death in 1660 when he died at sea. Elizabeth and her two sons were accused of drowning her husband.

Henry Howland Crapo, a descendant of Joseph Nicholson (not the son of Edmund), quotes the following in his "Certain Comeoverers. "Bishop in his new England Judged, tells this story, which he addresses to the Magistrates of Boston:
'And to this, let me add a cruel tragedy of a woman of Marblehead near Salem and her two sons, Elizabeth Nicholson and Christopher and Joseph, whom you without ground charged with the death of Edmund Nicholson, her husband and their father, who was found dead in the sea; you having received information from some wicked spirits (like yourselves) that the people did shew love sometimes to the people of the Lord, whom you call cursed Quakers, your rage soon grew high against them, and unto your butchers club at Boston you soon had them all three; and fro prison you had them to the bar to try them from their lives; but notwithstanding all your cunning and subtle malice, to destroy the mother and her children at once, yet ye were not able; notwithstanding you fined her a great sum (which, in behalf of the Court, your secretary, Rawson, was willing to take in good fish, and Salter for Dyet and lodging in barrels of mackerel, so devouring the widows house) and her two sons to stand under the gallows certain hours with ropes about their necks and to be whipped in your market place which was performed with many bloody lashes; at which the young men being not appalled, old Wilson standing by, said "Ah ! Cursed Generation!" And at Salem they were ordered to be whipped also, where Michelson, the marshal (a bloody spirited man), came to see it executed, where it was so mercilessly done that one of the young men sunk down, or dyed away under the Torture of his cruel suffering, whose body they raised up again and life came to him. This was near about the time of your Murthering William Leddra.'"
Elizabeth Simpson married Unknown Browne between 1662 and 1664.
Elizabeth Simpson died after June 1673 at Marblehead, Essex County, Massachusetts.
Children of Elizabeth Simpson and Edmund Nicholson
Christopher Nicholson+ b. 1638, d. 10 Sep 1688
Joseph Nicholson b. 1640, d. 10 Jan 1678
Samuel Nicholson b. 1644, d. a Jun 1673
John Nicholson b. 1646
Elizabeth Nicholson b. 1649, d. 3 Feb 1727
Thomas Nicholson b. c 1653, d. 4 Mar 1687
Marr Date 1636/1637
Marr Place England
Children Samuel , M (~1644-)
  Thomas , M (-<1693)
  Elizabeth , F (1649-)
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