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Name Nesta ap Tewdwr Princess of Deheubarth14, F
Death Date bef 1136
Father Rhys ap Tewdwr Prince of South Wales , M
Mother Gladys ap Comyn , F (~1041-)
Misc. Notes
Nesta, Princess of Deheubarth was the daughter of Rhys ap Tewdwr, Prince of South Wales and Gladys of Powys. She married Gerald fitz Walter, son of Walter fitz Otho and Gladys ap Comyn, circa 1100. She died before 1136.
She was heiress of the lands of Carew, near Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire. She was also known as Nest of Wales. She gained the title of Princess Nesta of Deheubarth.
Children of Nesta, Princess of Deheubarth and Stephen (?)
Robert fitz Stephen+
Angareth (?)+
Children of Nesta, Princess of Deheubarth and Gerald fitz Walter
William fitz Gerald+ d. 1173/74
Maurice fitz Gerald+ b. c 1100, d. 1 Sep 1176
David fitz Gerald b. a 1100, d. 1176
Child of Nesta, Princess of Deheubarth and Henry I 'Beauclerc', King of England
Henry FitzHenry+ b. c 1103, d. c 1157

Nest ferch Rhys (died after 1136) was a Welsh princess of Deheubarth who was renowned for her beauty. Nest was the daughter of Prince Rhys ap Tewdwr Mawr by his wife, Gwladys ferch Rhiwallon. After her father's death in 1093, Deheubarth was conquered by the Normans and King Henry I of England appointed himself her protector. Nest is thought to have borne him a son, Henry FitzRoy (1103-1158).
Around 1095 King Henry decided to marry Nest to one of his followers, Gerald de Windsor, whom he appointed Constable of Pembroke. Nest and Gerald had five children:
William FitzGerald (died 1173)
Maurice FitzGerald, Lord of Llansteffan (died 1 September 1177)
David FitzGerald, Archdeacon of Cardigan and Bishop of St David's
Angharad de Windsor, who married William de Barry
A daughter (possibly Gwladys), the mother of Milo de Cogan
During Christmas 1109, Nest and her husband were visited by her cousin, Owain ap Cadwgan, son of Cadwgan ap Bleddyn, Prince of Powys. The story goes that Owain was so taken with Nest's beauty that he and fifteen companions attacked the castle of Cenarth Bychan (possibly Cilgerran Castle or Carew Castle, both in Pembrokeshire), seized Nest, and carried her and her children off.
Tradition also states that Gerald escaped by jumping down the garderobe (i.e. the lavatory chute) to get away. The children were later returned to Gerald. Nest is said to have borne Owain two sons, Llywelyn and Einion, before finally being returned to her husband.
This abduction earned Nest the nickname "Helen of Wales" because it led to civil war on a small scale. Owain ap Cadwgan left the country to avoid retribution, whilst Owain's father, Cadwgan ap Bleddyn, lost his own lands. Gerald waited for Owain to return to Wales, then ambushed and killed him. After Gerald's death, Nest became the lover of Stephen, Constable of Cardigan, by whom she had another son, Robert Fitz-Stephen who died in 1182.
Nest's daughter, Angharad, married William de Barry and had by him four sons: Robert; Philip, the founder of Ballybeg Abbey at Buttevant in Ireland; Walter; the historian Gerald of Wales. Her sons Philip and Robert campaigned in Ireland with Strongbow; Robert died there in 1182.
Robert and Philip were the founders of the family Walsh/Welsh of Kilkenny where they built a Castle known as Castle Hale of the Walsh Mountains Kilkenny They conquered Kilkenny. They had become known as the "Welshies" rather than "Hywel" and thus named,they remain to this day; the name Hale being derived from Howell.
Therefore the Welsh and Walsh family of Kilkenny Ireland are also descended from Hywel Dda.
1 Gerald Fitz Walter14, M
Death Date bef 1136
Father Walter Fitz Otho , M (~1037-)
Mother Gladys ap Comyn , F (~1041-)
Misc. Notes
Gerald fitz Walter was the son of Walter fitz Otho and Gladys ap Comyn. He married Nesta, Princess of Deheubarth, daughter of Rhys ap Tewdwr, Prince of South Wales and Gladys of Powys, circa 1100. He died before 1136.
Gerald fitz Walter was He was granted Moulsford, Berkshire. He built a motte and bailey castle at Carew. He was also known as Gerald de Windsor. He held the office of Constable of Pembroke Castle. He held the office of Constable of Pembroke Castle in 1102.
Children of Gerald fitz Walter and Nesta, Princess of Deheubarth
William fitz Gerald+ d. 1173/74
Maurice fitz Gerald+ b. c 1100, d. 1 Sep 1176
David fitz Gerald b. a 1100, d. 1176
Marr Date 1100
Children Maurice , M (1100-1176)
2 King of England Henry l Beauclerc de Normandy69,78,140,102,141,103,14, M
Birth Date 1068
Birth Place Selby, Yorkshire, England
Death Date 1 Dec 1135 Age: 67
Death Place St Denis-le-Fermont, Near Gisors, France
Burial Place Reading Abbey, Berkshire, England
Father William I ‘the Conqueror’ of Normandy King of England , M (1028-1087)
Mother Matilda de Flandre Queen of England , F (~1031-1083)
Misc. Notes
King of England, surnamed, on account of his superior education, Beauclerc, was the youngest son of William the Conqueror , and was born at Selby, in Yorkshire, in 1068. Jealousies and dissensions early broke out between him and his elder brothers, Robert and William (Rufus ) , and on the sudden mysterious death of William in the New Forest, in 1100, Henry, who was hunting with him, immediately seized the crown and the public treasures, his brother Robert being not yet returned from the crusade. To strengthen his hold on the affections of his subjects, he granted a charter re-establishing the laws of the Confessor, abolished the curfew , professed a reform in his own character and manners and married the Princess Maud, daughter of Malcolm , King of Scotland, and niece of Edgar Atheling , thus uniting the Norman and Saxon races. When Robert invaded England in 1101, war was prevented by negotiation and the grant to Robert of a pension of 3000 marks. The same year began the quarrel between the King and Anselm, Archbishop of Canterbury, respecting investitures. Henry, ambitious of the crown of Normandy, invaded that country in 1105, and took Caen, Bayeu x, and several other places. He completed the conquest in the following year by the defeat an d capture of Robert at the battle of Tenchebrai. In 1109 the Princess Matilda (Maud) was betrothed to the Emperor Henry V., but in consequence of her youth, the marriage was deferred for several years. Troubles in Normandy and in Wales, and war with the King of France, occupied Henry in the next few years. In 1118 he lost his Queen, Maud, and two years later his only legitimate son, the Prince William, who, with his retinue, perished by shipwreck, on the passage from Normandy to England. It is said that the King was never seen to smile again. In 1121 he married Adelais, or Alice, daughter of Geoffrey, Duke of Louvain, and on the failure of his hope of offspring, he had his daughter, the Empress Maud , then a widow, acknowledged heiress to the throne. Henry died at Rouen, from the effects of gluttony, December 1, 1135, having been absent from England nearly two years and a half.
Children Henry , M (1103-1157)
3 Stephen Unknown Constable of Cardigan14, M
Children Angareth , F
  Robert , M
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