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Name Robert II of Normandy Archbishop of Rouen70, M
Birth Date 964
Death Date 16 Mar 1037 Age: 73
Father Richard l 'The Fearless' of Normandy 3rd Duc de Normandie , M (933-996)
Mother Gunnora of Denmark de Crepon , F (~936-)
Misc. Notes
Robert II was son of duke Richard I of Normandy and his second wife Gunnora. He was a younger brother of duke Richard II, and uncle of duke Robert II. He was archbishop of Rouen (989 to 1037) and also count of Évreux.
In the 990s, archishop Robert plotted to cause the overthrow of the Capetians from the throne they very recently had obtained.
The early years of duke Robert II's reign were turbulent: his elder brother Richard III had died suddenly after a year of ruling the duchy, and Robert II was naturally accused of fratricide. Archbishop Robert evidently believed it, and duke Robert II laid siege to him at Évreux, forcing him into exile: he laid all of Normandy under an interdict. For several years conditions worsened: with even Alan III of Brittany joining in the attack on the duke. But by 1031, "the situation had been largely retrieved, and the chief agent in effecting the recovery was the metropolitan archbishop of Rouen." Archbishop Robert was always closely involved in the government of the duchy. Without him, duke Robert II would never have been able to rule. His uncle's support was essential. Archbishop Robert was recalled from exile and the stabilization of Normandy began. A reconciliation took place: the interdict was lifted. The war with Brittany was ended by his mediation. From this time until his death in 1037 he was the dominant political influence in the duchy of Normandy.
Robert married Harleve of Rouen.
Duke Robert II went on pilgrimage to Jerusalem in 1035 and died in progress. According to duke Robert's will, archbishop Robert became the regent of the duchy and the main guardian of the little heir, Robert II's bastard son, William.
For a couple of years all was peaceful enough. But the death of archbishop Robert on 16 March 1037 ended the stability of the duchy. William the bastard's relatives sought to remove him, resulting in the long anarchy of his minority.
1 Havlive(Harleve) of Rouen70, F
Birth Date 968
Children Robert , M (986-1067)
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