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Name Hildegarde of Anjou, F
Birth Date abt 964
Birth Place Anjou, France
Death Date 1 Apr 1040 Age: 76
Death Place JeruSalem, Essex, MA
Misc. Notes
Birth date and place unknown. Died at Jerusalem, 1040. Wife of Fulk III.
1 Fulk III(The Black) of Anjou Count, M
Birth Date 21 Jun 967
Birth Place Anjou, France
Death Date 21 Jun 1040 Age: 73
Death Place Anjou, France
Father Count of Anjou Geoffrey I Grisgonelle , M (~938-987)
Mother Countess of Anjou Adelaide de Vermandois , F (~905-~974)
Misc. Notes
Fulk III was known as the Black Count of Anjou. Married to Hildeguard. Count Fulk III was born on 21 Jun 967 in Anjou, France. He died on 21 Jun 1040 in Metz, Lorraine, France. He has Ancestral File number 9GB6-C1. He was also known as Count Foulques "Le Noir" III. From Encyclopedia Britannica Online, article entitled Fulk III Nerra: "Byname FULK THE BLACK, French FOULQUES LE NOIR, count of Anjou (987-1040), the most powerful of the early rulers of the Angevin dynasty. "Exposed at first to the attacks of the counts of Brittany, Fulk had to fight for a long time to defend his frontiers, finally driving the Bretons bac k beyond the frontiers of Anjou. Having made himself master in the west, he turned his attention to the east and came into conflict with the count of Blois, Eudes II, over the territory of Saumur and a considerable part of Touraine. He defeated Eudes at Pontlevoy in 1016 and s urprised and took Saumur 10 years later. "A ruthless warrior who burned and pillaged the monasteries in his path, Fulk nevertheless felt the need for penance, making three pilgrimages to the Holy Land and founding or restoring several abbeys, including those in or near Angers, Loches, and Saumur. He also built strongly fortified castles of stone (instead of wood) along the border of his territory. For this reason he was called le Grand B√£atisseur ("the Great Builder"). He died on his return from a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, having reigned 53 years. The Counts of Anjou were noted for their ferocity and avariciousness, and thus have had a much larger impact on the development of France and Europe in general than the size of this quite small region southwest of Normandy would imply. As will be apparent in the list, the name "Plantagenet" cannot legitimately be used before the mid twelfth century, but I use i t anyway, as being much more recognizable than something like "Ingelgering". He was married to Countess Hildegarde in 1000 in Anjou, France. Countess Hildegarde was born about 964 in Of, Anjou, France. She died on 1 Apr 1040 in Jerusalem.
Marr Date aft 1000
Children Ermengarde , F (~1001-1076)
  Geoffrey II , M (-1060)
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