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Name Anthony Brackett32,29, M
Birth Date Unknown
Birth Place England
Death Date 28 Sep 1691
Death Place Sandy Beach, Rye, NH
Burial Place Sandy Beach, Rye, NH
Misc. Notes
Anthony(the immigrant) of Portsmouth, he and his family were massacred by Indians at Sandy Beach, Rye, NH on 28 Sep 1691. Anthony's story Chapter II pps 47-59 found in the source listed below. Source: Brackett Genealogy, H. I. Brackett, 1907, page 59. Anthony Brackett, Immigrant Tradition states he was a Scotchman. Has been designated as Anthony the Selectman. Supposed to have come to Little Harbor, near the mouth of the Piscataqua River, with the Scotchman, David Thompson as early as 1623. Other notes say he came to Boston in 1629. He was a member of the Episcopal church and was one of the signers of a deed for a glebe of 50 acres to the church in 1640. Before 1649 his residence is supposed to have been in the vicinity of Little Harbor and the Piscatawa house, on what is now called Odiorne's Point. Lived a mile or so south of the harbor, west of Sandy beach, on or near the stream, Saltwater brook, and on Brackett lane, now Brackett road from 1649 until his death. In 1649 at a meeting of the selectmen, held August 13, it was voted by common consent to gran t a lot of land to "Anthony Brackite." In 1650 he deeded land and buildings at Strawberry Bank (Portsmouth, NH) to William Cotton. In 1653 a grant of land near Sandy beach (near Rye, NH) made by the people to various citizens, among them Anthony Brackett "upland thirty ackers adjounge unto his hous and of Meadow 20 ackers more." In 1656 he was granted "50 acres more land than his former grant to join with his hous so that it be not in any Man's former grant." In 1657 he possibly lived at Exeter In 1660 100 acres was granted to him as the head of a family "who had come to dwell in the to wn." On July 20, 1686 he deeded his farm and buildings at Sandy beach to his son John. Killed by Indians at settlement at Sandy beach on September 28, 1691. His wife also was killed and two of his son John's children were captured. Buried on a little knoll in Rye near Saltwater brook. Will dated September 11, 1691 and recorded in Falmouth, Rockingham County , NH Wife Buried on a little knoll in Rye, NH (Sandy Beach) near Saltwater Brook Killed by Indians Brackett is a rare English surname, found in Co. Norfolk in 1574. The Genealogical and Family History of the State of New Hampshire, Vol. III, 1908, by Ezra S. Stearns, p. 1013 states that the surname was originally Brocket and from Wales, that four brothers of the name came with Gov. Winthrop in 1630 and were believed to be natives of Scotland (Capt. Richard who settled in Boston and then Braintree, Peter who settled in Conn., William and Anthony who came to Portsmouth, NH in 1631 with John Mason). C.E.Banks' "T opographical Dict..." states he emigrated from Salisbury, Wiltshire, England to Portsmouth, N H. John Brockett arrived at Boston on the "Hector" 06-26-1637 with the Rev. John Davenp ort and Theophilus Eaton ; the group travelled to New Haven from Boston in the summer of 1638 and settled there; this John was born in England, 1609, was a surveyor and civil engineer, etc. - see "The Desc. of John Brockett..." (1905). The Bracket Genealogy (1896) infers Anthony Brackett came from Scotland and that he deeded "glebe lands" to the church wardens at Portsmouth for a parsonage. The Leonard Weeks Genealogy (1888, p.130) states in 1640 he with 19 others conveyed 50 acres to the church wardens of Portsmouth for establishing a church, and reports he arrived in 1631 and settled at Strawberry point (Portsmouth, NH) and died in 1691. The Bracketts of Maine and New Hampshire descend from Anthony Brackett of Portsmouth, NH. O n 01-13-1652 a 30-acre grant was voted to Anthony Brackett and on 03-04-1652 the land was laid out to the people of Sandy Beach, including Anthony. On 09-19-1678 Anthony purchased land at Sandy Beach. Anthony was in Portsmouth by 1650, when he sold his house there. Anthony was a town selectman and owned a productive farm. On Tuesday, 09-28-1691 a band of American Indians descended upon the community killing 21 persons among whom were Anthony Brackett and his wife, and capturing two children of his son, John. His will was made 09-11-1691.
1 Eleanor Unknown, F
Birth Date abt 1615
Birth Place England
Death Date 28 Sep 1691 Age: 76
Death Place Sandy Beach, Rye, NH
Burial Place Sandy Beach, Rye, NH
Misc. Notes
Eleanor wife of Anthony the Immigrant. Last name unknown.

• Buried on a little knoll in Rye, NH (Sandy Beach) near Saltwater Brook
• Killed by Indians
Children Anthony , M (1636-1689)
  Elinor , F
  Thomas , M (~1635-1676)
  Jane , F (~1651-)
  John , M
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